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Who Should Buy a Firm or Plush Mattress

Plush vs Firm: The age old question whose answer changes as we change with age and new sleep habits.

One of the first questions you’ll likely encounter on the way to picking out a new mattress is how plush or firm you want the mattress to feel. Sounds simple enough, right?

Not necessarily. It can be difficult to choose between a plush vs. firm mattress. Mattress firmness is a comfort term, which leads to how the sleep environment affects your sleep quality. Firm, plush, and their many variations (think of plush as cloud-like or cushiony) are subjective qualities meant to describe how a mattress might feel to any one individual.

The trouble is, there’s no industry standard or uniform specification used to measure firmness, meaning that one company’s “medium firm” mattress could be just as firm as another’s “extra firm” mattress. Even if there were a standard scale, the same mattress firmness will feel different to different people depending on body size and muscle mass. When an elephant lies down on a mattress, for example, it’s going to feel different than when a mouse lies on that same mattress.

So what’s a mattress shopper to do? First, understand a little bit more about what firmness or softness in a mattress really means, and how it differs from that other essential quality, support.

A mattress doesn’t need to be firm to be supportive

Cayman Islands, Mattress Experts, mattress, furniture, beds, sleep, pillows, blankets, sheets, linens, coolingWhen deciding between a plush vs. firm mattress, consider your specific needs. At minimum, a mattress needs to provide the right support for a person’s body weight, size, and shape. A person who weighs 300 pounds is going to need a more supportive mattress than someone who weighs 120 pounds. But support comes from the core of the mattress—the denser bottom layers of foam in foam mattresses and the spring system in hybrid mattress—not from how firm or plush the surface, of “comfort,” layers feel.

Support is the ability to adopt a variety of positions throughout the night while maintaining your spine in a relatively “neutral” horizontal position. In other words, you want to avoid the U-shaped curve you’d get from sleeping in a hammock, as well as the unnatural bend you’d experience if you lie on your stomach on the floor all night. Instead, your spine should be supported in its natural S-shaped curve and your ears, shoulders, and hips should be aligned.

A soft or ultra-plush bed can still provide plenty of support, so long as the layers underneath are appropriate for the person who’s sleeping on it. You can still go ahead and sink into it enough to get the support you need. (Here’s how to match your mattress to your body type.)

Your Sleep Posture Is Also A Determining Factor

Cayman Islands, Mattress Experts, mattress, furniture, beds, sleep, pillows, blankets, sheets, linens, cooling
If you tend to sleep on your side, you should look into purchasing a plush or medium mattress. If you tend to sleep on your back, a medium-firm or firm mattress can be a good fit. A back sleeper mattress does not have all the extra “give” someone who sleeps on their side might need.

What you do not want to do is find yourself needing a pillow under your side or back to get that level of comfort and support. Furthermore, if your bed partner sleeps in a different position you will need a mattress suited for both of your needs. . . unless your bed partner is one of the furry type that take over the entire bed or sleep on your head. We can’t help you there!

Cayman Islands, Mattress Experts, mattress, furniture, beds, sleep, pillows, blankets, sheets, linens, cooling

We have mattresses designed to fit every sleeping position, body style and for bed partners to all feel comfortable. #LoveHowYouSleep

Post Author: In Store Sleep Specialist

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laura tonner
laura tonner
04:05 25 Oct 19
Super choice of products, extremely good... customer service. Friendly staff delivered the mattress in my preferred one hour time slot. Will definitely use them more
Stewart McIver
Stewart McIver
14:05 14 Jun 19
Wife and I are renting on-island and wanted... to upgrade our pillows. The staff were helpful and friendly - even though we must've tried every pillow in that store. Would definitely recommend!read more
Ross Fortune
Ross Fortune
18:11 13 May 19
Excellent customer service, very happy with... mattress we ended up buying. Sales staff were knowledgeable about product and explained the differences very clearly between each product. Also, almost all the mattresses we looked at were in stock ON ISLAND, I think this is important to mention as many retail experiences here you can be left waiting weeks for your purchase. The new mattress (Tommy Bahama) and just as importantly new memory foam pillows with a shoulder cut out for side sleeping have made a huge difference (I didn't know this side sleeping pillow's been life changing). Delivery was prompt and Vickie followed up with us to see if we were satisfied with the purchase so far. Would recommend going here first if looking to purchase a mattress, pillows or other bedding in Grand Cayman!read more
Jamie Fortune
Jamie Fortune
13:03 09 May 19
Buying a mattress on Grand Cayman is easier... than you think! Fantastic service from Mark and Vickie. Great selection of (ON ISLAND) mattresses, pillows and accessories. We are new home owners who left bed shopping late. Mark helped direct us to the mattress that would be best for us without rushing us. We picked the Tommy Bahama mattress and wonderful pillows that they were able to deliver "same day" (although we had it delivered a few days later). No waiting 3-4 weeks for their products. They were professional and prompt on delivery (which was free of course) while offering to remove the existing mattress if required. Vickie called a week later to inquire about our satisfaction of mattress and our experience, which we appreciated. All their mattresses have warranties they honor from Island. After 2 weeks now we can say we are sleeping better than we have in years! We are recommending The Mattress Experts to all our friends or to anyone requiring a new mattress. With a new home we are going to be return customers. Thank you Mattress Experts for all your help~!read more
Mark Wilder
Mark Wilder
14:31 30 Apr 19
Bought a Jasmine king size mattress and... pillows. Have never slept better in my life. Delivery was more
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  • review rating 5  Im not sure what the young mans name is that is at the register but i have to say his customer service is excellent......i am a customer service supervisor and my he was very pleasant, knowlegeable, over all experiance was awesome i would defo reccomend this place......

    thumb Samantha Erskine
  • review rating 0  The staff were very helpful and friendly. We were given a delivery time to within one hour on our preferred day. Delivery men were busy but Vicky and another gentleman brought it themselves in a car to ensure we got it as promised. Really great customer service. We bought 2 memory foam mattresses and 2 latex pillows and have been sleeping soundly ever since. Definitely recommend this place!

    thumb Laura Tonner
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